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   There is perhaps nothing harder in life than trying to tell someone else about your life. I am reminded of an old movie joke when the interviewer tells the suspect to start at the beginning and he did, “Well mom and dad met at the movies.” I will not go back that far but will start with the relevant fact that I spent the majority of my younger life as a person who denied God and all that he stood for. This was not limited to the God of the bible but to all gods and religions, I saw them as useless and a waste of time. I did all I could whenever given the opportunity to prove anyone who believed to be a fool and of course intellectually challenged. There was no absolute truth and I was absolutely sure of that. There were facts and the facts showed there was no God. Morality was based upon a simple evolutionary standard of majority rules. Whatever society or culture was willing to accept was what was good or evil. Well to put it in simple terms, as that is the goal of this blog and Podcast, I was wrong.

 I met the wonderful woman I call my wife while still living apart from God. She had drifted away from God and once we were married decided she needed to get back to church. Bribed with food, I reluctantly went with her and after several Sundays, I met the pastor and was invited to a “Christianity 101” class, I informed him and my wife in no uncertain terms I would go but would not participate. The pastor said that would be fine he was happy to have me just listen. Listen I did and when the day came to accept Christ I raised my hand. My wife cried, I cried, and the pastor cried. I had what can only be described as a Saul to Paul moment. And my journey following God began.

  All the words I had read so many times and believed to be foolishness suddenly came alive and spoke to my heart. I came to realize that there was an absolute truth and that Truth had a name and that name was Jesus. I started to study and study some more, I attended online classes to learn as much as I can about God and his word. I could not get enough, I was like a starving man at an all you can eat buffet. As I read and studied I have come to the realization that to often we get lost in the Theology. We know God, but we fail to know God. We know about him we study the ins and outs of his word, we learn the Greek and Hebrew, we learn Theology and we distance ourselves from the thing that really matters and that is our personal relationship with God.

  As an Atheist, I use to say that the Bible was written by a bunch of uneducated goat herders and fishermen, and there is a lot of truth in that. The Bible was written for the common man, for the disciple, so they could understand God and know what it means to follow him. We need to get back to the truth, to the relationship, to his word. That is where this Podcast and blog comes in. Over the years I have been teaching and preaching God’s word, I have found that the simple truth, is often the most effective and often convicting way to get at what God really wants us to know. So, I invite you to join me as we discover Biblical Truth Made Simple.


Hiram Withers

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